Want To Lease?

It's easier than you think! Our process involves a few simple steps - here's what you need to do:

  • Complete a credit application online or via fax, and submit for review
    and approval
  • Review and sign our Master Lease
  • Review and sign our Lease Supplement for each tank trailer
  • Complete and submit a Sales Tax status form
  • Provide a lease deposit and the first month's lease payment in advance
  • Provide an Insurance Certificate naming (PTL or PTS) as "Loss Payee and Additional Insured" (See Master Lease for details)
  • Provide pickup and return delivery to the FOB Point listed on the Lease Supplement Click here to download our lease application

Need help or more information? Just call us at (800) 471-8769 to speak with your personal representative, email your questions/requests to: leasing@paragondirect.com