Tank Trailer Leasing Starts Here

"We understand what it takes to meet your requirements!"

Paragon Tank Leasing offers you an exceptional choices of top-quality tank trailers including Chemical, Petroleum, Bio-fuels, Dry Bulk and storage trailers for lease. We have over 25 years of industry leasing experience, so we understand what it takes to meet your requirements. Paragon's lease program offers you short, medium or long-term leases, and can custom order tank trailers from selected manufacturers to meet most applications. We're also happy to meet any special requirements you may have, by tailoring a solution that fits your specific needs.

Whether you need equipment for new or seasonal business, or want to capitalize on an opportunity to grow your existing business without making an immediate capital investment, Paragon is your number one choice for leasing!

For questions and information , please call us at 800-471-8769 to speak to your personal representative or email: leasing@paragondirect.com